Well. I’ve finally done it. My author website is now a thing! So welcome, there’s always hot water on for tea, and I promise to break out the good Irish whiskey when it’s needed.


This site has been a work in progress (see what I did with that?) for many months, but I didn’t have the time to make it all happen until I finished my thesis work. No sooner did I pass my Viva and become Dr. Emily Barnard, but, well, the combination of the US election plus the deaths of several of my most beloved and influential artists kind of turned the last chunk of 2016 into a Blue Screen of Death, mentally, for me. I know hundreds of thousands of others have experienced the same with all of this mess. Anyway, let’s just say it took longer than I anticipated to get Writerly things in order.

But now’s the time.

I have several elements to this site. First, as always, I want to discuss Writerly ideas and issues, just as we do in our IRL writing groups. This will include posts on Practical Application, where I workshop ideas and interrogate tropes, and possibly suggest Writing Prompts, if they prove useful. I’ll be posting about the manuscripts I’m submitting, revising, or writing, and connecting with other writers doing the same. Second, I will be doing my weekly Intertextuality in the Gilmore Girls recaps. If this project works, I may also explore pop culture and intertextuality in other things, too. I’m testing it out with Season One, and look forward to feedback. Third, I will be posting Music for Writing playlists. There will be other one-off posts, sample chapters, book reviews, interviews, and, yes, probably a few obnoxious pictures of the cats somewhere, but these are my anticipated regular features, and you can expect at least one new post from me a week.

My introductory posts have also been uncommonly verbose, since I had a lot of ground to cover. Don’t expect everything to be that kind of wall-of-text. The look of this site will likely change a bit as I get used to widgets and decide how to categorize things. So it looks a little bare and wonky now, but expect that to improve in the near future.

If there’s anything you want to know, or you have any suggestions (or book recommendations!), you know how to reach me.

Thanks for dropping by. There’s always a comfy chair by the fire.

Emily Barnard

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