It’s Monday, but….

No new post today. I'm deep in the throes of final thesis corrections, and that takes over everything. There are a few things in the pipeline, though, and I'll get the latest Gilmore Girls + Intertextuality up asap. *pushes aside teapot, reaches for strong coffee*


Intertextuality + Gilmore Girls, Ep 4

Someone call Antonioli's and order a couple pizzas! Extra cheese? The Deer Hunters (original air date: October 26, 2000) This week, Rory tanks an English paper, and then goes above and beyond studying for her test on Shakespeare. However, she misses the test due to an accident with a deer, which results in her pitching a…

Intertextuality + Gilmore Girls: Ep 3

Tuesday means Gilmore Girls! I know you were waiting in eager anticipation. Kill Me Now (original air date: October 19, 2000) This episode’s plot is seemingly focused on Rory going to play golf with her grandfather, and Lorelai feeling all hinky about it, because Rory might be everything to the senior Gilmores as a granddaughter…