London and Cambridge Favorites

It’s over. An epoch in my life has concluded, as Anne Shirley might say, and, admittedly, I am feeling a lot of things. So, the good news is, I did what I came for, and then some. I got my PhD at Cambridge... yeah, essentially, I got my owl and went to Hogwarts. I lived…


Greetings from Boston

I am an expatriate no longer. With decidedly mixed feelings, I'm back in old, familiar territory, made unfamiliar again after many years' absence, and especially after five years in England. This month = a lot of big changes and milestones, so stay tuned for musings, lists, and too-long rambling blogs.

Intertextuality + Gilmore Girls, Ep 6

Rory’s Birthday Parties (Original air date: November 9, 2000) With a pile of my own Rory Gilmore-like studying and writing done, I can indulge in the recapping of more Gilmore episodes as if I were plundering and pillaging a grocery store on a date with Jason Stiles. We pick up with Rory’s Birthday Parties, which is…