The weeks have been chaotic, and peppered with struggles with depression and anxiety. Par for the course when dealing with the personal life/living changes, combined with the state of the world, I know, but no less debilitating.

However, with help from my support system, I’m getting back to it. (I’ve dealt with this shit before for decades, and know how to deal when it gets bad… and this is the worst it’s been in 20  years. Based on what I’ve seen in different communities, this is a common reaction from many of us, too.) The good news is, our stuff finally arrives this week, so we can settle into our new place with more than a mattress on the floor and a couple folding chairs. The start of a new academic year, whether I’m enrolled in a course or teaching something or not, is always my favorite time, too, and I get to do post-doc research at Harvard archives. A few of my friends from school who live in the area are forming a new IRL writing group. I’m trying to keep focusing on things like cider doughnuts, flannel, and my stash of hot chocolate recipes, so I don’t slide back into that hopeless, helpless spiral again.

(Yes, I’m aware of the privilege and conditions that allow me to say that. That’s part of the spiral, in fact.)

But I’m trying to remember what my favorite therapist used to say about “healthy selfishness.” After all, I won’t be much good at all if I’m broken in bits, will I?

Looking ahead on Works in Progress, I’ll be posting about Boston adventures and coffeeshops, launching a new book review blog feature, and adding more #studyblr- and #bujo-related content. There will be more music lists, too. However, I’m dropping the Intertextuality + Gilmore Girls recaps, since Snark Squad is recapping the same episodes right now.

If you have any suggestions, questions, or ideas for other things you want to see here, do drop me a note.

Now. Where did that teapot go?

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