First, again, my apologies for the silence here lo these last months. Like I mentioned, the combination of too much work, too many brain weasels, and too much to say meant too little blogging.

I’ve been struggling to stay caught up on things, but also how to address a subject that I’ve already been banging on about for years, a subject that more people seem to be questioning, finally: romance, consent, fantasy, and what all of this means now. With more people thinking about these issues in relation to #MeToo, with more conversations happening in multiple genres about how to portray certain elements of a plot or character development, I’m finding myself repeating the same things I already have been… and trying to decide the best ways to address it here.

At first, I was roughing out ideas for more blog posts, ways to explore these subjects. What does “fantasy” mean? What is my personal history with my own sexuality, and why do I like ___ and not like ___? What about trading interviews with other Romance- and erotica-writing friends, exploring practical ways to depict consent? Or just doing yet another look at what movie reviewers hit heavy with in February: what place does Fifty Shades have in our world now, if any?

And then, the idea hit. What if… What if I-?

Please stay tuned for the big reveal next week!

In the meantime, I have some older blogs to get up here for you, so enjoy!

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