Emily Barnard is a writer and academic, post-doc, and an American recently returned  to the US after five years in the UK. She writes what she assumed was Romance, as well as YA/NA and literary criticism. Her academic interests in genre theory, feminist criticism, late-Nineteenth and early-Twentieth century women writers, American modernism, intertextuality, children’s literature, and gender are often apparent in her fiction. 

She fulfils many cliches by having too many cats, too many books, and too much dependence on all things chocolate. A good gab about writerly things or academic subjects over a pot of hot tea (or a bottle of good whiskey) might not be everyone’s idea of fun, but, well, that’s just how hardcore she rolls, motherfuckers.

Current works include:

  • An Unnatural Woman
  • A Scandalous Reputation
  • Breaking America
  • No Reservations
  • An Unnatural Man


Emily is also on Pinterest and Tumblr.